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"Hong Kong IPO Club" was formed for the purpose of sharing a broad range of information about conducting an IPO in Hong Kong and starting business operations in Hong Kong and China. Members are executives of Japanese companies who are considering a Hong Kong IPO or doing business in Hong Kong and China as well as financial market professionals. The club is operated by Japanese financial and investor relations consulting firm FinanTec Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong became the world's largest IPO market in 2009. During that year, 69 companies used an IPO to list their shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The offerings procured a total of US$30.8 billion (about ¥3,000 billion). Hong Kong is serving as a major gateway for channeling funds from investors worldwide into the rapidly growing Chinese market.

As a business platform, the Hong Kong IPO Club brings together professionals in many fields to function as a source of information, innovative ideas and solutions. Japanese companies can leverage these capabilities to utilize the club as a navigator for activities needed to start business operations in Hong Kong and China: fund procurement, Hong Kong stock listings, business matching, M&A and other measures.

"Japan's Excellent Brand 100" is a matching site introducing Japanese companies wishing to form partnerships with local investors and entrepreneurs to expand into Hong Kong, China and other parts of Asia. (Click here for details.)
This site also provides support for business alliances between Japanese companies and investors and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and China.